Lost and Found

If you lose or find a cat, the best place to start is with the catchat website. Their address is www.catchat.org. Click on the lost page and here you will find 6 pages of very useful information, practical advice and useful phone numbers.

Local phone numbers that will be of use to you are as follows:

Organisation Name Telephone
The Blue Cross 01472 343278
Abbey Vets 01472 347054 / 01472 362821
Barton Vet Centre 01652 636359 / 01469 533101
Clee Vets 01472 357430
Eastfield Vets 01472 840209 / 01472 694721
Old Courts Vet Centre 01652 653224
Rase Vet Centre 01472 751802
Ulceby Vet Clinic 01469 588637
Vets 4 Pets 01472 871111
Waltham Vet Clinic 01472 220720
Cuddles Cattery 01472 230530
Grimsby Cats Protection 01472 399810
Louth Cats Protection 01597 601492
North East Lincs Animal Rescue 01472 314012 / 01472 825082
One To One 01472 241226
Second Chance Cat Rescue 01469 561000
The Ark 01507 358140
The Lincolnshire Trust for Cats 01673 844628
RSPCA 01472 388158 / 01724 843620
Scunthorpe Cats Protection 01724 783555
Scunthorpe Cat Rescue 01724 846825
Grimsby Telegraph 01472 242525
Street Cleaning Department 01472 325779

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Cats We Have Found

Below is a list of cats we have found. If you think one of these cats may be yours please call us on 01469 561 000.

Where Description When
Immingham Hume Brae Highfields Ave area Male whole tom felix type B and W Cat 1st April 2016
Cleethorpes Long haired tabby and white male cat. 27th Oct 2015
Dover St Ripon St area Grimsby Young male cat and two kittens. All three wearing collars. 22nd Oct 2015
Wellington St Grimsby Young long haired torty female 11th Oct 2015
Humberston Ave area Male white and black cat. Slim. Very tame and vocal. 1st Oct 2015
Daubney St Cleethorpes White and black male cat 15th Sept 2015
Waltham Black male cat called Rebel. Chipped to owners at Dunes Caravan Park Mablethorpe but they cannot be traced now. 29th July 2015
Healing Female black and white cat. Friendly 8th July 2015
Grimsby Young grey female cat 22nd June 2015
New Waltham Young black and white female cat. White on paws and chest 18th June 2015
Rovall Drive Immingham Tabby and white male tom cat about four or five years old. 19th May 2015
Caistor White and tabbly. Mainly white. Thought to be male. 24th April 2015
Louth Rd Grimsby Black and white male cat with distinctive long white moustache 24th April 2015
Hainton Avenue Grimsby Large tabby Bengal cat thought to be male 17th March 2015
Chatsworth Place, Cleethorpes Grey and white male cat. Friendly 15th March 2015
Hainton Avenue Grimsby Female ginger and white kitten wearing pink collar with bell 10th March 2015
Normanby le Wold Black and white cat. Had recent operation. Friendly 9th March 2015
Hainton Ave Heneage Road David and Torrington Street area of Grimsby Mostly white cat thought to be female. Very frightened. 22nd Feb 2015
Combe St Cleethorpes Tabby and white cat thought to be male. about six months to one year old 21st Feb 2015
Boulevard Ave Grimsby Young tabby cat 21st Feb 2105
Pelham Rd Area Immingham Young Unneutered ginger and white male cat About two years old Very friendly 8th Feb 2015
Healing Ginger Male Cat 3rd Feb 2015
Kristen Turton Close Holton le Clay Ginger and white male Not neutered or micro chipped Been in the area for a year 3rd Dec 2014
Rutland St Grimsby Young black cat with white stripe under belly Two collars 30th Nov 2014
Carrington Drive Humberston Large black and white Felix type cat 22nd Nov 2014
Cambridge Rd Gby Tabby and white cat. 9th Nov 2014
Binbrook Small female tabby and white cat. 4th Nov 2014
Welland Avenue Grimsby Ginger cat and tabby and white cat 4th Nov 2014
Station Road Great Coates Young white and black cat 28th Oct 2014
Hume Brae area Immimgham Black and white unneutered male cat. 15th Oct 2014
Scartho area Black and white male Felix type cat. Not chipped 27th Sept 2014
Immingham Black and white male Felix type cat with white front paws and black blob on nose 25th August 2014
Laceby Female tabby and white cat 14th August 2014
Mendip Ave Grimsby Unneutered ginger and white male 14th August 2014
Kenmar Rd area Laceby Young black cat 24th July 2014
Civic Centre Pelham Rd Immingham Black and white cat. Mostly white with black cap and tail. 16th July 2014
St James Ave area Gby Young male black and white cat. Mostly white 16th July 2014
Welholme Rd Welholme Galleries area Gby Tabby spotty back and stripey. Very distinctive flat face like a lynx. Fur is coarse like a dog. 4th July 2014
Hainton Ave Gby Unusual mainly dark cat. All paws are white, but not the legs. white bib and white whiskers. Pale blue eyes, ginger sheen, half a tail. 4th July 2014
Pilgrims Way Immingham Young black female cat. Not microchipped. 19th May 2014
Lord St Grimsby Ginger and white male. 11th May 2014
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Cats Reported Lost

If you think you have found one of these cats reported as lost, please call us on 01469 561 000.

Where Description When
Thornton Place Immingham Black and white female cat 10th May 2016
South Killingholme area Young white and tabby female cat. Possible sighting at nearly Habrough in the last day or two. This cat is a rescued kitty from Roumania and was recently imported to the UK. 1st May 2016
St Giles Ave Scartho Female tabby white bib and white toes Ginger stripes on one back leg Microchipped 25th March 2016
Scartho Elderly ginger and white male cat 22nd Feb 2016
Laceby area Black and white male cat. Four white paws and a white chest. Friendly 10th Jan 2016
Risedale Caistor Female tabby One year old Wearing collar and was last seen trailing a pink lead Microchipped New to the area 29th Nov 2015
Healing Large male cat, about fifteen. White with black tail. 23rd Oct 2015
Kenwick Bar area Louth Thirteen year old male cat mainly black and some white on chin or chest. Wearing collar and chipped. Ran off after car in which he was travelling was involved in accident 2nd Oct 2015
Humberston Ave New Waltham Female tabby and white eleven year old. Has poorly eyes. 15th Sept 2015
Ings Lane area Immingham Three year old black male cat. Neutered. Has eye problem which restricts his vision. 14th Sept 2015
Wentworth Cres New Holland Small neutrered female long haired tortoiseshell catcat 26th June 2015
Albatross Drive Aylesby Park Wybers Wood area Three year old spayed tabby. Chipped. 28th June 2015
Elsham One year old tabby and white female. 22nd June 2105
Healing Mature grey and white long haired female 6th June 2015
Nunsthorpe Est Grimsby Fifteen month old male Siamese cross type cat. 10th May 2015
Scunthorpe Ginger and white male cat. Dumped by some man from Goole 10th May 2015
Woodside Gardens Beck Close area Keelby Black and white neutered male cat Microchipped with collar and tag 29th April 2015
North Somercotes Black and white male Felix type cat. Neutered. Wearing cllar with tag. Microchipped 8th April 2015
Ladysmith Road, Granville St, Birdseye Club, Grimsby Male cat. White face, paws and chest. Tabby and brown body 10th March 2015
Wellholme Ave area Grimsby Ten month old neuterred tabby and white male cat. Microchipped 16th Nov 2015
Humberston Area North Sea Lane next to Townsend Close Male black and white cat 3rd Feb 2015
Thornton Place Immingham Ginger male kitten 22nd Jan 2015
Scartho Top Male rag doll cat two years old and microchipped 28th Dec 2014
Milton Rd Nunsthorpe Grimsby Six month old male tabby. Not yet neutered 4th Dec 2014
Blundell Park Area, Cleethorpes Male Siamese cat Microchipped 16th Nov 2014
North Killingholme Ginger and white male 1st Nov 2014
Immingham Young female tabby cat. Spayed but not microchipped 28th Oct 2014
Scartho Top Thirteen year old female tabby and white with a bit of ginger. Spayed and microchipped 19th Oct 2014
Brookfield Rd Scartho Large male black and white cat. Mostly white. 5th Oct 2014
Donington on Bain area Short haired tabby male. Neutered and microchipped with florescent collar. Could be in Welsdale Rd area. 8th Sept 2014
Roxby Young female torty white cat 13th August 2014
Coronation Rd Cleethorpes Two year old female tortoiseshell. Red collar with silver star pattern and red tag with silver heart. 7th August 2014
Little Coates Rd St Michaels Est Gby Area Young female tabby and white Recently spayed with shaved patch on her side 31st July 2014
New Waltham Gby Neutered three year old black cat with white paws and face 16th July 2014
Common Lane North Somercotes area Male and female black and white four year old Both neutered but no collar or chip. 11th July 2014
Davenport Drive area Cleethorpes Mature male neuterred. Most white with ginger tail and ginger spot on back and ginger around the ears 16th June 2014
Grimsby Manor Court, Manor Ave area Short haired black and white male three years old 27th May 2014
Ulceby Ginger female cat Spayed Two years old 27th May 2014
Barton upon Humber Black and white, male Felix type cat two years old. Has a black flea collar on with a bell. He is very friendly and nosy and has been neutered but not micro chipped. 19th May 2014
Louth Rd Waltham Male black and white Felix type cat Has four teeth 12th May 2014
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